Ideated by IITians, Gate Matrix is a steadfast companion in empowering and assisting the aspiring engineers. The user-friendly platform aims to hone the problem solving skills of aspirants while enhancing their knowledge through its daily concept boosters, weekly practice modules and gate question banks.

Considering the current competitive vying scenario, we believe that textbooks and help guides are not enough to pass the arduous Gate exam. Solving mock tests and practice papers of previous year examinations covering the entire syllabi is the need of hour.

Practice is a perpetual formula which is universal and plays a key role in cracking competitive exams. Thus, we make certain not to leave behind any important question which enfolds a discernible amount of information. Thus, our zealous team refines and updates the question bank everyday to provide you with only the fresh questions.

Our daily concept boosters,weekly practice modules and GATE question banks help you in determining your weak and strong areas and empower you to work upon them. Since GATE is the gateway to take admission in prestigious colleges and universities across the nation, Gate Matrix ensures you to give the right boost and ample assertiveness to solve the problem in GATE exam easily.


We are currently on the mission to provide the aspirants with only the precise and error-free information or answers. Gate Matrix also aims to provide the test attempters with an insight into their weaknesses and strengths so that they can strengthen their weak areas while making the maximum out of their strengths by leveraging them to their advantage.


In the near future, Gate Matrix aims to assist as many engineering aspirants as possible. We know what it takes to stand out in the crowd- synchronisation with current patterns of exams and trends, thus want to stay abreast to guide the students in a right manner. Ou diligent team stays updates and post new question in the bank on regular basis.