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As asbestos pad, square in cross-section, measure 0.05 m on a side and increases linearly to 0.1 m on the other side. The lenght  of the pad is 0.15 m. If the small end is held at 600 K the larger end at 300 K, what will be the heat flow if the other four sides are insulated? Assume one dimensional heat flow. Thermal conductivity of asbestos is 0.173 W/mK.

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Concepts are undodgeable and thus form a basis in solving arduous GATE test series. Our conceptually visualised daily concept booster provides you with a cogent dose of knowledge while strengthening your concepts . It further brushes up your skills, giving you a total overview of the logical reasoning behind every question. With our daily content booster, you master six different concepts at the end of a particular week.

How to use Daily Concept Booster effectively?
1. Learn and master one concept daily: In our DCB, we provide you either with a question and an answer that comes with the logical reasoning or puts you in a particular situation where you suppose or imagine, and then answer. This way, it prompts you to think and look for the logics. 2.Make your notes: We suggest you to make notes for the concepts as you can revise them offline anytime. Moreover, jotting down a particular statement makes it easy for you to memorise the concepts in longer run.

Preparing for GATE involves strenuous efforts and tedious hours. The need of the hour is to disciplining yourself to take one step at a time. Over the years, we have witnessed that an aspirant has to go through various problems in managing the time effectively and in mastering the concepts. Thus, Gate Matrix endeavours to provide a solution to all the GATE preparation woes under one roof.

Gate Matrix further believes that comparing the performance periodically puts in front of the students an entire summary of what they have mastered till now and what not. Thus, we have brought all the significant elements of GATE preparation in concoction at this platform.